Convert JPEG to BMP

*only png, jpeg ,svg ,bmp type accepted

What is BMP image ?

The BMP image format, also known as Bitmap image format , was introduced by Microsoft in November 1992 as part of version 1.1 of Windows . The BMP file format can store both bitmap and uncompressed video images with more than 8-bit color depth, but it may not support all possible bit depths. It supports a maximum color palette of 256 colors, but most applications have ignored that limitation since at least 1999 when PhotoShop 5 expanded it to 65,536. BMP is often used to store icons, small graphics (frequently used in web pages), and similar objects. This file format has been popular with Windows operating systems. Unfortunately, you cannot use BMP image files in a websites.

How to convert JPEG to BMP ?

  1. Select the JPEG File from your device
  2. Check if the image extension is JPEG
  3. Click on the convert button
  4. Image will be converted to BMP
  5. Download the image


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