Convert PDF to JPEG

*Only converts single page pdf

What is JPEG ?

JPEG is a file format for storing images. Unlike PNG, JPEG is usually used for photographs and other image types with smooth colors. The file extension for JPEG files is .jpg or .jpeg, depending on which letter is capitalized. The two-letter designation of JPG comes from that standard's full name: Joint Photographic Experts Group. Compression schemes are applied to photos to reduce their size and thus make them easier to transfer over networks or via email attachments. What’s important to know here is that although they may look similar, JPEG and PNG files are not interchangeable—especially in terms of how they can be edited.

How to convert PDF to JPEG ?

  1. Select the PDF File from your device
  2. Keep in mind that pdf should be of single page
  3. Click on the convert button
  4. PDF will be converted to JPEG
  5. Download the image


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