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*Only converts single page pdf

What is PDF ?

A PDF file, or Portable Document Format, isn’t necessarily an image. Rather, it’s a format used to store documents and images. Unlike images, though, which are most commonly saved in JPG or PNG formats that make them smaller and easier to send via email, PDF files aren’t meant for pictures. Instead they’re made for full-sized documents like articles and books. They aren’t scaled down versions of larger files – instead they display exactly what you would see if you opened up a Word document on your computer screen. That means no zooming in or out necessary; any device will display it exactly as intended.

What is PNG ?

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an extension of the popular GIF format developed by its creator, Steve Wilhite, in 1995. The format was developed to overcome some of the shortcomings found in GIF images. Like GIF, PNG can be used to display images with 256 colors (8-bit color). PNG also supports 24-bit color images and supports transparency, but not animation. PNG files can be significantly larger than GIF files because they use less compression, but they are still supported by nearly all web browsers and image editors. Like JPEG files, PNGs can also be compressed to save space and reduce download times.

How to convert PDF to PNG ?

  1. Select the PDF File from your device
  2. Keep in mind that pdf should be of single page
  3. Click on the convert button
  4. PDF will be converted to PNG
  5. Download the image


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